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    Metodo Bates Pdf

    "The Cure of Imperfect Sight without Glasses" by W. Bates (1920). Free PDF download - Bates Method Training Centre - Tours (37000) France. Aileen Whiteford. 20 Natural Eyesight Improvement PDF E-Books with Eyecharts, Video, Audio Training and Dr. Bates This entire website, everything; Navigation Chapters, Pictures, Links, PDF Downloads, & more included in the E-Books. Metodo Bates. El metodo Bates para mejorar la vision sin gafas/ The Bates Method for better Bates, ISBN-10: 8449319242, ISBN-13: 978-8449319242,, tutorials, pdf.

    To Billy Graham, who suggested this book in the first place, then continued to encourage me to do it. And a special thanks to Reba Hancock. You gave all for me, day and night, for forty years. And many, many more I'll regret not mentioning when I realize that I didn't. Ada's holdings encompassed all the land east of the Miglo River in the Valley of the Bran, in what is now the county of Fife. Malcolm's castle is long gone, but you can still see some of its stones in the walls of the church tower in the little village of Strathmiglo. The motto on my people's coat of arms was "Better Times Will Come. The first American Cash was William, a mariner who captained his own ship, the Good Intent, sailing out of Glasgow across the Atlantic with cargoes of pilgrims for the New World until he himself settled in Essex County, Massachusetts, in 1667.

    Sometimes only certain practices are done, then as more healing occurs, all can be applied. Tell them you plan to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement and that it will normalize eye pressure, circulation and all states. Glaucoma and other medicines may need to be monitored, lowered... Continuing to wear glasses will maintain, return the eye problems.

    Glaucoma, cataract, retina problems, other eye conditions...

    William Bates - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Glasses often are the main cause of these eye-vision problems. Glasses must be discontinued. See the books for safety at work, driving... Do not apply Physical Therapy and other exercises, anti-gravity, trampoline, inversion... Do not practice if you have had cornea surgery or any eye surgery, treatment.

    Ear operations, treatments might be included in this list.

    Bates eye method

    Check with a Eye Doctor first. A Bates Method Behavioral Ophthalmologist is best. If eye muscle surgery was performed, contact a eye doctor before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. This website, books, Skype, phone, e-mail and in person training is not for diagnosing, treatment, cure, prevention of any eye, medical disease, condition. Always obtain direction from a medical, eye professional for any vision, eye, medical state. All of Dr. Bates work, treatments are preserved.

    Read Dr. Bates Magazines for a variety of eyesight improvement practices for every eye, vision condition. On-line magazines include a Language Translator that also speaks, reads the books. Central fixation[ edit ] Sometimes mistakenly described as one of the Bates method exercises, or offered by real snake oil merchants as a Bates method treatment in and of itself to the annoyance of real Bates method practitioners , central fixation is in fact the goal of the exercises.

    Putting aside most of the pseudoscience, central fixation is what you get when the vision becomes perfect, and what you lose under the influence of all the strain and effort that Bates mentions so often.

    Under the Bates model, one cannot try to achieve central fixation, nor to perfectly remember the colour black. Central fixation and perfect sight can only occur in the complete absence of effort.

    So it's bit like trying not to think of an elephant. See no evil. Palming The patient gently covers the closed eyes with the palms of their hands to provide complete darkness, aiding relaxation.

    The colours, shades of colour and the phenomena "seen" by the patient while palming are apparently of diagnostic value. Perfectly remembering, without strain or effort, the colour black. Bates later found that other colours would work too if the patient preferred them, as would an object like a jewel.

    The perfectly remembering without strain or effort — that's the key. Mental familiarity and practice with an object makes it easier to remember, and this in turn makes us "see" it better.

    Swinging and shifting[ edit ] Harder to define based on a reading of Bates's works, and the area in which later practitioners have most substantially altered the original method. A part of it seems to involve inducing brief optical illusions that are then held up as "proof" that the patient has, beneath their functional eyesight problems, perfectly healthy eyes. In other parts, the exercises lean more towards orthodox orthoptics, and in still other parts towards "eye yoga".

    Sunning[ edit ] A magnifying glass "burning-glass" being used to focus sunlight on someone's eye Light is good for the eyes and makes them healthy.

    Avoidance of light leads to unhealthy eyes pay no attention to the Palming method above! Expose the eyes to lots and lots of light, up to and including staring directly at the sun , and shining the rays of the sun directly into the eye with a magnifying glass. Pollack shows, the apparent "successes" of the Bates system are based on the fact that Batesism is essentially a mental healing cult.

    Significant is his reference to a statement by Dr.

    Bates that cures by "palming" are probably in the same category as cures reported by Christian Scientists and other practitioners of faith-healing. With the rejection of his theories by professional ophthalmologists and optometrists, and with the publication of his book detailing the theory, his methods and his alleged successes for the layperson, Bates's work achieved a cult -like following within the alternative medicine scene of the early- to mid-20th century.

    In the hands of unqualified eye practitioners, the Bates eye method quickly became entangled with nutritional, medical and lifestyle advice from the similarly unqualified. In the field of alternative medicine, argumentum ad populum is often the standard of proof, and thus the Bates method found acceptance. In the field of alternative therapy, proponents need not bother devising an objective experiment to prove or disprove whether a subject is, at any given moment, perfectly remembering the colour black.

    Some of his health crusades appear progressive in hindsight; he criticised smoking and poor diet and favoured birth control , plenty of physical exercise and fresh air, and promoted a positive attitude to sex. On the other hand, Macfadden also claimed with equal doggedness to sell the guaranteed cure for baldness, [15] and was an outspoken opponent of vaccination. Food-faddist and Hollywood self-help darling Gayelord Hauser stole some of Bernarr Macfadden's profits thunder when he penned a successful book of his own dealing with the Bates method.

    Unsurprisingly, Hauser took the opportunity to use Keener Eyesight Without Glasses 1932 to market his own brand of miracle food, a fad product as essential for good eye health. Suffering the rare infectious keratitis during his teenage years, his eyesight was damaged to the extent that he became completely blind.

    Huxley taught himself Braille while slowly recovering some degree of sight in one eye. In 1939, with his already limited ability to read declining, Huxley embraced the Bates method through the teaching of Margaret Corbett.

    Huxley was satisfied enough with the results that he discarded his glasses. He became a "celebrity" convert to the Bates method or, as Huxley called it, the art of seeing.

    Accommodation[ edit ] Accommodation is the process by which the eye increases optical power to maintain focus on the retina while shifting its gaze to a closer point. The long-standing medical consensus is that this is accomplished by action of the ciliary muscle , a muscle within the eye, which adjusts the curvature of the eye's crystalline lens. Bates rejected this explanation, and in his 1920 book presented photographs that he said showed that the image remained the same size even as the eye shifted focus, concluding from this that the lens was not a factor in accommodation.

    However, optometrist Philip Pollack in a 1956 work characterized these photographs as "so blurred that it is impossible to tell whether one image is larger than the other", in contrast to later photographs that clearly showed a change in the size of the reflected images, just as had been observed since the late nineteenth century.

    Bates' model had the muscles surrounding the eyeball controlling its focus. Bensinger stated "When we put drops in the eye to dilate the pupil, they paralyze the focusing muscles.

    The evidence of the anatomical fallacy is that you can't focus, but your eye can move up and down, left and right.

    Bates method

    The notion that external muscles affect focusing is totally wrong. Bates characterized this supposed muscular tension as the consequence of a "mental strain" to see, the relief of which he claimed would instantly improve sight. In his view, "strain" would increase as the eyes adjust to the correction in front of them. He thus recommended that glasses be discarded by anyone applying his method.

    He wrote "The ways in which people strain to see are infinite, and the methods used to relieve the strain must be almost equally varied," [16] emphasizing that no single approach would work for everyone. His techniques were all designed to help disassociate this "strain" from seeing and thereby achieve "central fixation", or seeing what is in the central point of vision without staring.

    He asserted that "all errors of refraction and all functional disturbances of the eye disappear when it sees by central fixation" and that other conditions were often relieved as well. Bates suggested closing the eyes for minutes at a time to help bring about relaxation.

    However, he reported that some of his patients experienced "illusions of lights and colors" sometimes amounting to "kaleidoscopic appearances" as they "palmed", occurrences he attributed to his ubiquitous "strain" and that he claimed disappeared when one truly relaxed.

    In fact, even in conditions of perfect darkness, as inside a cave, neurons at every level of the visual system produce random background activity that is interpreted by the brain as patterns of light and color.

    He suggested "shifting", or moving the eyes back and forth to get an illusion of objects "swinging" in the opposite direction. He believed that the smaller the area over which the "swing" was experienced, the greater was the benefit to sight.

    He also indicated that it was usually helpful to close the eyes and imagine something "swinging". By alternating actual and mental shifting over an image, Bates wrote, many patients were quickly able to shorten the "shift" to a point where they could "conceive and swing a letter the size of a period in a newspaper". Bates believed that the eyes were benefited by exposure to sunlight.