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Vorsprung 5 editions. By Thomas A. Lovik. Vorsprung: an introduction to the German language and culture for communication. Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to German Language And Culture, Enhanced. Textbook/eBook from $ Whether you're buying or renting. Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to German II'm not being dramatic when I say that this textbook makes learning German x harder .

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Vorsprung Textbook Pdf

Free downloadable PDFs are ideal for training grammar skills, vocabulary and reading comprehension for students who prefer paper textbooks when learning. Review (PDF). Student Activities Manual For. Lovik/Guy/Chavez's Vorsprung: A Why charge an arm and a leg for a textbook from ? Or worse, more than. Popular Textbooks. Kaleidoskop 9th Kaleidoskop (9th). Authors: Moeller, Jack, Berger, Simone, Adolph, ISBN

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It also means that we really want you to let your instructor know, in class or outside of class, in person or via email, if something happens in class that makes you uncomfortable - or if you believe your own words or actions have made someone else in the class feel uncomfortable - so that we can talk about how to make things better.

If in doubt, please say something: your instructor will always be happy to hear from you. Note: If there are students in your section whom you know from your previous German course s , then of course it's great if you continue to enjoy working with these old friends - but please also make an effort to meet new people in this section, and be open to making new friends!

In this context, please bear in mind the University of Michigan's non-discrimination policy: The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions.

All work submitted must be original student work produced for this course, with proper quotation and citation of the contributions of others. We recognize that you can actually learn a lot from having someone look over your essay with you, but we have to enforce this rule in order to make the grading fair for everyone. It IS OK for you to ask your instructor, an instructor in the German Lab, or some other proficient speaker 3 or 4 specific questions on how to say something.

If you do so, please put the relevant text in bold print in your essay and include a note at the end with the name of the instructor or peer who helped you. You may ONLY use an online dictionary or translator for single words and short phrases.

[PDF] Vorsprung A Communicative Introduction to German Language and Culture by T | eBay

When you do, please underline the relevant word or phrase and note the source you used at the end of your essay. Do this also when you use a paper dictionary. Note that online translators often produce noticeably absurd translations. The less you use them, the better your grade is likely to be! It is normal and good practice! You do NOT need to cite your use of online or paper dictionaries for this purpose!

We strongly encourage you to use a German spellchecker for your essays and for your homework, and also for any spells you cast in German. You do NOT need to cite your use of this resource. There is normally no need to consult any additional outside sources for the essays assigned in this course. If you do consult any additional resources not assigned in the course e.

Put any direct quotes in quotation marks and cite the source with a footnote. Any format for the citation is acceptable if it allows your instructor to find the specific source. Leaf through the course materials to find ideas.

You can be very creative in this way, and you will learn much more from writing the essays. Applying something you have learned will "make it stick," much more than new words and phrases you look up.

Looking up lots of new words and phrases for your essay means you will do more work, learn less, and usually get a lower grade! Test Essays: Test review sheets for this course will always include the essay topics for the test. You are allowed and even encouraged!

Online translator use is also permitted, but strongly discouraged. As with regular essays, you should view test essays as an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

Homework: You are allowed and even encouraged! Although you are not required to cite your sources, it is still good practice to do so, and your instructor can then give you feedback on your use of these resources. Oral Tests Oral Tests will consist of two informal conversations in your instructor's office.

Practicing for the oral exams using the "Sprechtestindexkarten" on Canvas is an excellent way to review what we have learned and to build your confidence in all aspects of German. You will sign up to take the oral exams in pairs minute conversation or groups of three minute conversation ; if that is not possible, you may take them individually minute conversation or.

Reserved and Online Materials

You may retake each of the two oral exams ONCE if you are not satisfied with how you did! The role play should demonstrate your ability to speak freely as opposed to reading from notes. Details: minutes long To make sure your script is of the appropriate length, read it through at a realistic pace with a timer.

Aim to speak clearly, at a normal pace, neither too fast nor too slow. Done in groups of 3 or 4 Must be comprehensible to the class!!! Your final essay Aufsatz 4 will be written by your group, and will consist of the first words of the script of your role play. Your Aufsatz 4 grade will be an "E" if you do not contribute to your group's essay a "C-" if you do contribute, but not in a timely manner.

Reserved and Online Materials

Your grade for the role play will be an "E" if you do not participate in your group's rehearsals a "C-" if you do participate, but not reliably. The above grades will be based on the consensus of your group.

If you anticipate a problem, please notify your group and your instructor promptly! Ask your instructor immediately if you're in doubt as to whether something you're planning to do is appropriate!!!

Comprehensibility: a crucial component of this part of the grade is that the role play should be performed, not read. A couple of index cards with key cues are OK, but you should try as much as you can to perform the role plays from memory. If you have to read your script, it will be hard for the class to understand it, and your grade will suffer.

The more words you look up, the harder it will be for you to speak freely and for the class to understand you, and the lower your comprehensibility grade will be.

Instructors of each section will nominate the best role-play s from their section to compete for this prize. Attendance and Participation Policy and Grading; Laptops and Cell Phones Speaking and listening in class are the most important part of this course. If you are absent for an excused reason e. As a courtesy to your instructor, please explain ALL absences, even if the reason is e.

Lateness: Loss of points for that day, depending on how late you were. Inattention inappropriate cell phone or laptop use, "zoning out," etc. Research has shown that language acquisition happens in a predictable sequence of stages.

Achieving the goals of the course requires regular practice with the language, both in your learning-group and individually, as well a willingness to experiment with new structures, sounds, patterns, and phrases.

Your continuous participation in and regular engagement with the course are imperative to your learning and progress.

The quality of your language learning will depend largely on the amount and quality of your effort. To facilitate learning in the online format, students will be engaged in both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

One significant difference of the online format concerns the organizing of students into learning groups, in which students will complete a majority of the work for the course. In addition to meeting virtually with a learning group, students will also meet with their instructor virtually, and work independently on the course. Want to read all 8 pages? Accuracy rating: 4 I did not notice major inaccuracies in the book's content or presentation and find it overall to be a functional tool for language learning and instruction.

There are some issues with capitalization of pronouns in practice exercises specifically the formal. The Grimm Grammar exercises also do not accept correct answers in what are very open-ended exercises word order in particular; a variety of correct answers was possible for a sentence-composition exercise but were not accepted, and with no clarification of what the error was. The book seems relatively current in its presentation of images and media at least in relation to other textbooks in print format.

Deutsch im Blick

In addition, the inclusion of less-commonly presented German-speaking countries including Luxembourg! It seems it should be relatively easy to keep images and cultural material current as a result of the online format. I imagine there could be difficulty should an instructor require students to have a printed version of the text, depending on when and how often updates are implemented. Clarity rating: 4 The text is fairly clear and easy to understand. I appreciate the presentation of grammar in common terminology followed by equivalent technical terms, such as when "word order" is followed by "syntax" in parentheses.

It serves the variety of student experience with this vocabulary without assuming knowledge. Some of the grammar explanations seem overly wordy Consistency rating: 3 The text seems mostly consistent, though I did notice inconsistencies in exercises for example, word-order exercises in Grimm Grammar variously included infinitive verbs meant to be conjugated by the student and those already conjugated, with no clear indication of why this was the case, or would ask specifically for a tense in one exercise while leaving it open in the very next.

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